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for fun

Here I will publish  fun, crazy or interestings things related to engineering. You are welcome to contribute. Send me a mail and I will consider to publish what you send.

wacky patents

Recently I found a website for wacky patents. I didn't really think there was so many crazy inventions. Have a look yourself and be amazed @

wacky patents

free patents online

By recommendation of visitor James I add this site where you can make free searches for patents. Very useful.



In 1962 I had a meccano set for my birthday. Somehow I think creating things with it was a foundation for my professional career as an engineer. There are a lot of people out there that have the same experience. It's a company of lucky fellows. Checkout these links for meccano.

Meccano Worldwide Mail Order, MWMO
International Society of Meccanomen, ISM

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